Mindfulness MTL
Together at the intersection of
science, health, and wisdom

Mindfulness MTL (MMTL) is a not-for-profit community initiative founded in 2015. Our mission is to deepen our collective capacity for alleviating suffering and promoting health, well-being and wisdom. To that end, we aim to foster a strong, diverse, and cohesive community of mindfulness practitioners in Montreal. MMTL was created through a collaboration between Dr. Andreanne Éli, Dr. Joe Flanders (MindSpace), and Muriel Jaouich (True North Insight).


Join MindfulnessMTL and True North Insight from April 19th to April 22nd for a long weekend of learning, practice, and discussion. Dr. Willoughby Britton, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Jared Lindahl & Dr. David Treleaven will deliver a series of lectures and workshops on the science and skill of nurturing safety and resilience in meditation.


Emerging Mindfulness Practices in Healthcare

Last year in September, MMTL hosted its first annual community conference, designed to assemble Montreal-based mindfulness practitioners and professionals for a day of learning, dialogue, and practice. The event was structured around a series of talks by leading members of the Montreal community and invited guests. The talks covered a range of mindfulness-related themes including psychology and neuroscience; health and medicine; and Dharma practice and teaching. The format of the day fostered interdisciplinary discussion and professional networking. The inaugural event featured keynote addresses from Dr. Zindel Segal (University of Toronto) and Pascal Auclair (True North Insight). The sold out event took place at the Centre de Science at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).


Muriel Jaouich, True North Insight is engaged in a Buddhist practice since 2006. She has completed five years of Buddhist studies, as well as training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Jon Kabat-Zinn. At True North Insight, Muriel is mentored by Pascal Auclair. Muriel teaches mindfulness in hospitals, schools, corporations and other urban settings, helping meditation practitioners integrate mindfulness into daily life.

Dr. Joe Flanders is the founder and director of the Mindspace and a licensed psychologist. He is also an Assistant Professor (Professional) in the Psychology Department at McGill University. Joe obtained his PhD in Clinical Psychology from McGill and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He has been meditating since 2000 and teaching mindfulness in health, corporate, academic, and healthcare settings.

Dr. Andréanne Elie works as a general psychiatrist at Clinique Psyché and teaches mindfulness at the MindSpace Clinic and at Hôpital Le Gardeur. She is also affiliated with l’Université de Montréal, where she provides mindfulness training to medical students. She has been practicing Mindfulness for the last 15 years.


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